New Trend: Buying Popcorn Poppers for Christmas

New Bedford, MA: Leelalicious Inc, a Massachusetts based health food blog, recently revealed and internal study which revealed how popcorn poppers have become a common Christmas gift in North America. As interesting as the discovery was – from a marketing perspective – “it makes a lot of sense” insists Konrad Braun, the marketing director for  Leelalicious Inc.

“When it comes to kitchen gadgets, it is hard to buy the perfect gift nowadays. More and more people avoid certain food groups either because they are on a diet or are vegetarian or even  because they are vegan. This changes so frequently that the perfect gift today could easily be useless tomorrow” says Braun.

Popcorn is a healthier alternative for everyone. It almost does not matter what food psychology people subscribe to – according to Braun – they will still enjoy a good bowl of popcorn once in a while.

Which is why Leelalicious Inc ended up posting a helpful guide on all the benefits of home-made popcorn as a snack. The report includes a listing of some of the benefits for eating popcorn as well as why fresh home-made popcorn is the best. Aside from that, the short guide also includes reviews of the seven best popcorn poppers sold on Amazon today.


Here is an excerpt of the press release that announced the publication of the guide:

“Popcorn makers are intended to serve a single purpose. They use hot air and sometimes a little oil to prepare a batch of tasty and healthy popcorn snacks. The reasons for choosing a home appliance include its economical cost, its healthy output and the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Anyone who uses popcorn often will recognize the savings which accrue from using a large bag of popcorn kernels rather than the small packets of microwave popcorn. The use of a kitchen appliance for preparing popcorn has been shown to recover the cost of the appliance over a relatively short time.

When making a decision about which appliance model is the best for a particular situation, the guide gives a number of suggestions about important features. The size of the batch which is produced is a key factor to consider. The two types of poppers which are discussed are stand-alone and those which require an external heat source. The guide is focused on the former type. The counter or storage space available will also affect the decision. The material of which the appliance is made and the ease of cleaning are also a consideration.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the website presents their top picks for models. The high points of each are listed, as well as the best picks for stove-top models, microwave models and hot air models. The discussion also goes on to present the details about large capacity and retro style popcorn poppers.”

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